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abbychallenge's Journal

NCIS' Abby Sciuto Icon Challenge
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a girl likes to be thought of first.  
Welcome to abbychallenge, an icon challenge for NCIS character Abby Sciuto, played by the gorgeous Pauley Perrette.

you know you love it when I talk tech.  
Yup, like all the others, this icon challenge has a few rules to keep it running smoothly;
♥ All icons submitted must be original work of the user who submits them - no posting other people's icons.
♥ All icon entries must be to LJ's standards - 40kb; 100x100px.
♥ All icons should be posted as a comment in the challenge post.
♥ Unless otherwise noted, you are allowed to submit one icon using whatever image/prompt I post.
Do not vote for yourself.

you can yell at it and scream at it, but you can't rush it.  
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